lithiumlatte replied to your post: Hang on guys… what?

It’s only 8pm on my side of the pond, so I’d say you’re pretty golden. lol

Haha! (Also, it’s just occurred to me that I have absolutely no idea why I haven’t been following you for, like, ever.)

paper-starrs replied to your post: Hang on guys… what?

nope it’s one…. just when it turns one it will be one again. o.o
Posted on October 30th at 1:15 AM
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  1. chenergetic said: when it turns two it will be one again is what I meant. ORZ
  2. taonew said: kjfdngkjahdgkadfbgkgd what what. I love your Tumblr. Oh jeeze. I just - ; __ ;
  3. sung-jongs said: the clocks dont change until 2 so yes its 1 xD
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